The Day After Election Day 2020

Alix V
2 min readNov 4, 2020
The United States Capitol, Photographer: Alix V.
“Capitol” — Photographer: Alix V

Waking up today, the day after election day November 4, 2020, I rise from my bed where my husband and baby boy sleep and begin to start the day. I put on a pot of boiling water for the oatmeal and insert a pod of espresso in the Nespresso machine. I’ve executed this same routine every weekday for months and surprisingly, on this day, it was no different.

I continue to prepare for the day ahead by preparing my son’s backpack and cooler for daycare and take a quick shower. Eventually, my husband and son are sent out the door with a kiss and “I love you”. By 8:15 AM I am locking up the apartment and I am off to work. This has been my same routine, surprisingly, on this day, it was no different.

I suppose the point I am making here is regardless of this 2020 Election outcome, my weekly routine of making breakfast for my son, coffee for myself and my husband, and driving to work won’t change. At a basic level, people’s lives will not change with this decision. I don’t say this to be nonchalant or dismissive of the fact that who we elect to be our President isn’t of the utmost importance, but to remember that we do not live in a dictatorship where the President has all encompassing power to rule over my life, or your life. I say this to remind myself, and you, that we will be okay.

I hope as you go about your day that you read this and remember to take a deep breathe and be prepared to continue to live your life the best way you know how, regardless of who is elected President. Don’t allow fear of the unknown of what is to come next (or the assumed “known”) to rule over your day. I hope you continue to be the best you can be for yourself and others around you.



Alix V

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