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What this election has taught us

Alix V
2 min readNov 5, 2020

I like to think we can all agree this election has been one of the more intense and tension ridden elections of the past decade. We have two candidates who have a laundry list of cons to consider both morally and policy specific. Regardless, of who you casted your vote for, to be the leader of our country, what we’ve been watching develop over the past 24 hours of this “counting” debacle is that it appears our country is split closely down the middle. This race is not the landslide both sides predicted.

This is to say, that as a nation we are currently very much so at a crossroads. Where we go from this point forward will determine our growth or our ultimate demise as a Democratic Republic nation. What does this mean?

In the grand scheme of things it is my belief we must get down to the very basics of what makes this country what it is. Washington must put their agenda and toddler like bickering aside for just a moment and come together as a cohesive body of government with the best interest of the people they represent (us, you and I) as the primary and only concern. This constant game of hurling devious and unbecoming trip-ups and underhanded remarks must come to an end. If this attitude of “you are my enemy” is allowed to continue our nation is headed towards a cliff, plummeting head first, to our end.

We also cannot ignore, the responsibility of where we currently stand as a country is not entirely the fault of those who hold office. If we are honest, we must also hold ourselves accountable, for we, the people, elect those who sit in those offices and speak for us. This begins at the local level of council members who represent your district, the mayor who represents your city, the governor who represents your state, the senators and congressman and congresswomen who represent your state who are suppose to advocate for your communities at the Capitol. As a people of this country, it is our responsibility to keep abreast of what is being allowed to unfold and dictate our lives. When we fail to do this, we fail to maintain the Democracy. So, let us take back our power of the people and invest time advocating for ourselves by being involved at the very foundation.

“When the bones are good, the rest don’t matter” — Maren Morris. “The Bones.” Girl, Columbia Nashville, 2019.



Alix V

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